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الخميس، 30 مايو


W13 8AE

Stabbing Prof Vest

The opportunity to get a second chance. Can happen to anyone anywhere, preventing is better than cure

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Stabbing Prof Vest
Stabbing Prof Vest

الوقت والموقع

30 مايو 2019، 8:00 ص

W13 8AE, West Ealing, London W13 8AE, UK

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Because has been an increase in knife incidents in he UK I created a new product to keep the number of the fatalities to minimum.

I created a stabbing prof vest

I will be using coins site to get this product across


  • Vest

    This way that was created to accommodate the customer needs Pre order your vest and secure it now

    UK£ 225.00
    انتهى البيع


UK£ 0.00

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