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SINCE 2015


CBST is a combination of Clothing and accessories, Bullion and other rare coins, Safety items and Tunes on the same platform.


At CBST, global warming is one area that we are concerned about and unlike other manufacturers, we only produce our garments on-demand reducing the production levels, therefore, do our bit to save the planet.

                                                                  Bullion and other rare coins

Coin collecting has been in my life since I can remember, my father was a coin collector and he got me into collecting them when I was a little boy. 

It was only when he passed away that I realised the true value of the coins given to me by my father, as for me lots of good memories are locked on those coins.

I would like to provide an opportunity or a way that everyone can create bonds and great memories.


In the days we live in safety is a huge factor in our lives.

Even without realising we play a role of keeping ourselves and others safe, almost in every action of our daily lives.

Our concerns are unexpected situations that may arise and we are exposed to risk.

Thinking outside the box I am developing safety products that could save lives.


Music is enjoyed by everyone no matter the age gender or background. 

With so much diversity there is always a tune for anyone's taste, with that in mind, having a bit of fun creating tunes is always in my agenda.



Beatrix Potter


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At CBSTgroup you can find a   combination of my passions, Clothing and accessories, Bullion and other rare coins, Safety items and nice Tunes.

A strange combination, but why not.


We are working on improving the loading speed and on a user-friendly interface.

You will be able to access this site at any time wherever you are in the world.

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