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The Queen's Beast

Hi everyone, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you one of my favourite collections, of course I am talking about the Queen's Beasts. The Queen's Beasts are ten heraldic statues representing the genealogy of Queen Elizabeth II. 

The Lion of England

The White Lion of Mortimer 

The White Greyhound of Richmond 

The Unicorn of Scotland

The Yale of Beaufort 

The Griffin of Edward III 

The Red Dragon of Wales

The Black Bull of Clarence 

The White Horse of Hanover 

The Falcon of the Plantagenets 

(Picture from The Royal Mint) 

This collection of ten coins, is one of the most exciting to collect. This particular collection is the 10oz silver, but there are different sizes and metals. The first collection that was released was the 2oz Silver, exactly the same but smaller. At the moment I have four of the 10oz, six 2oz Silver and six Brilliant Uncirculated coins. The first one and my favourite is the Lion of England 2016, the coin that opened the doors to my bullion collection. The first time I saw it I knew I had to have it. About this coin I will not say too much, I rather you decide. Someone once told me that the coin looks like a badge from a nice car.

I can see where this logic comes from. Please tell me what you think. 

Possibly you will be able to recognise this lion, it is everywhere, along side with the Uncorn of Scotland. 

The second coin is the Griffin of Eduard III. This coin does not sit too far behind the Lion of England one, it's design is just outstanding, this beast is half lion and half eagle. I particularly love the aggression and the power expression illustratedion the coin, as if you could dream about this creature becomeing alive and the fear it would bring to everybody. I would say this beast would protect its owner from any situation at any time. 

The third coin is the Red Dragon of Wales. Dragons have been a mith in our lives for as long as I can remember and more. Since the beginning of time, Dragons have been seen as dangerous, strong and frightening. I believe this could be a solid reason behind the decision to use Dragons as symbol of power for many years. This coin also brings back memories of my childhood, the dreams about furious dragons also comes to live. 

The number four is The Unicorn of Scotland.

It is believed that the unicorn to be one of the oldest chronicle creature, even though many years ago would be represented just like the Dragon and the Griffin powerful and strong. Over the years the image changed to a more delecade and sufisticated image Is the most recent illustration that has been use for the image of the Unicorn of Scotland. The Unicorn of Scotland can be seen along side the Lion of England in the Royal Arms Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, British passport and so on. It represents purity.